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Make me drooling :iconkij3k:KIJ3K 104 16
entertaining offers on LV designs
I'm just heckka bored so I'll allow offers on them for a day or two before I close offers again. SO now's your chance so offer wooo
Here they are: (Again, this whole journal is just for fun. And I like to see what people offer! Because theres no way im trading safE) (if you offer on Chi or Toeto you're offering on both of them btw there's no chance these two are ever getting separated)
(also side not about Chi,, just a fan character and was made for toetos story)
So yayyyy. You can literally offer anything not just swaps so yEHA. 
I also like to see some offers for future reference too. Just don't get mad if I don't trade with you because im literally probably not going to trade any of these guys ^^"
EDIT: Hey if you guys want you c
:iconcattybits:CattyBits 2 40
Is this too much to ask? :iconzeroackalia:ZeroAckalia 9 2 pear vape flavoring :iconcomfit:comfit 15 0 Centuries :iconzeroackalia:ZeroAckalia 15 1 hey wanna kno what free looks like withuot his leg :iconoricori:Oricori 169 15 Cheater Cheater :iconsoundofthecrocodile:SoundOfTheCrocodile 32 7 for rye-whiskey :iconnawnii:Nawnii 6 3
SELLING KACIE, $125, leaving dA
leaving dA rip. I'll make a journal sooner or later explaining why!
 So I'm selling kacie for $125 USD. I have sold her once previously for $200, and she had about half the art she has now back then.
If you're not sure who kacie is, then here's some art!! --
All up she has 38 pieces of art.
:iconvmpiire:vmpiire 7 13
We decided a journal was better than a image masterlist, so this is where you will register your Iethargicasino designs instead!
We only add designs to the masterlist if the owner registers them, meaning that we will not go out of our way to register OCs.
Registered characters
Click the provided links to go to sub-journals for specific types of designs - this is to keep the journal from becoming overly cluttered.
Registration form
Character name: (Your characters name here)
Character reference: (Link a reference photo)
Current owner: (Your username)
Character Type: (Adoptable, Custom, or a Retired Character (being either a Darkky, Audience, or TB
:iconlistesvulpes:Listesvulpes 11 108
Adopts CLOSED :iconinfectedzombiex:InfectedZombieX 10 6 Adopts CLOSED :iconinfectedzombiex:InfectedZombieX 12 7 late present to myself :iconthehumanheart:TheHumanHeart 25 4 Light Lush Birthday Cake: Guest Cinna Adopt![CLOS] :iconthehumanheart:TheHumanHeart 39 12 Couldnt think of any lame puns - Closed :iconthenightsillusion:TheNightsIllusion 16 11


Apr 25, 2017
7:50 pm
Apr 25, 2017
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Apr 25, 2017
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Apr 24, 2017
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Apr 23, 2017
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wowowow I've been inactive everywhere 

I'm so sorry, I've been focusing on passing my driver's test to get my license :"D and also catching up with schoolwork ahah

sorry to anyone who's been trying to talk to me asjdhsbjkhcl after thursday I'll be active again! :"D


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popping in real quick to say
 I'm probably gonna be absent everywhere until near the end of May (when school ends) cause I need to work on grades so I'm atleast passing

 And also, 13 Reasons Why is not that great but I can see why people like it. please don't hate me lmao
Okay but?? I know the tubes isn't about the money
But why did they make it to where you need 10k views on a vid to start earning money???

I feel really bad for the new youtubers starting up a channel ;o; I was literally checking it out bc I wanna start a gaming or reaction channel or something to help me get out of my shell, and tbh I wanna be able to make some money?? Soon I'll be out in the adult world and I live in South Carolina. In a reallllly small, but somehow over-crowded town in South Carolina. So basically the only places that are really hiring are extremely low-paying jobs. Which okay, anything would be a good start.

Sure it'll stop fake channels or people uploading a million vids in one day just for a little bit of profit, but it's affecting the creators?? Like, hello?? they make your whole site YouTube?? This is their career and literally making the goal to 10k views is ridiculous when I see one youtuber who gets an average of around 100k views a vid, so they maybe make an average of $100-200 per vid now? idk. And he doesn't only support himself, but he supports his family as well. You're begging for competition at this point. 

Literally discouraging people who may want to start up a youtube channel, if it comes to a point where they're actually getting 10k views a vid they'll start thinking of taking it up as a career 
but with this weird 10k views rule?? idk if that many people are gonna want to do youtube, since they'll have to keep up a real job to even come close to covering living expenses?? And youtube can become time-consuming especially if you plan to record, edit, and upload DAILY while dealing with a full-time or part-time job on the side.

Sorry I'm late to the boat but it's annoying 
hey can someone suggest some websites or stores I can find cool looking petite jeans at? It's hard finding cool jeans that are petite ;-; I have short legs so normal jeans are too long on me lmao
some dude just hmu on instagram and Snapchat asking to do stuff
This is why I avoid those site lmao


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